The Candidate For Whom I Would Vote

I would vote for the candidate who refuses to demonize their political opponents or attack them personally. Anyone who wants to lead should be mature enough to respect their opponent while still being wildly at odds with their political positions.

If you sell, you know that you have to differentiate yourself. But you also know that talking poorly about your competitors makes you petty and jealous.

I would vote for the candidate who doesn’t use “wedge issues” to divide people into voting blocs. I would vote for the person who never attacks groups of people for their race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, their wealth, or lack thereof as a way to get themselves elected.

I would vote for the candidate who is not running against “them.” Those who make up “them” will also be governed by those who win elections. Divisiveness isn’t a quality that a leader should possess, and there is a difference between politics and leadership.

I would vote for the candidate whose personal behavior is in line with what they profess to believe. I would vote for the person who will live under the same rules they would require of me. The leader of the free world must be less of a hypocrite than those they lead without being self-righteous.

A leader sets a standard for others through the example of their personal conduct, not just their flowery, inspiring words.

I would vote for the candidate who makes no promises that they have no way of keeping. You would never sell this way, would you?

I would vote for the person who possesses an exceptional sense of humor, especially about themselves. I would vote for the candidate who isn’t hugely optimistic, long on America, and long on the human race in general. Real leaders are optimists. Leaders believe a better future is possible, and they work towards that future.

I would vote for the candidate whose vision is so big that it inspires the rest of us. I would love to cast my vote for the leader who believes that we are capable of being radically more than we are now, both individually and in the collective.

This is the candidate for whom I would cast my vote.

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