What’s In Your Bucket

Imagine, if you will, that you have a bucket. You’ve had this bucket for a very long time. Once it was full of clean water, and now it is full of dirty water.

Every day more dirt is dropped into your bucket of water. The water is no longer useful to you. In fact, the water in your bucket is harming you.

You decide to try to displace the dirty water by pouring clean water into your bucket every day. You want to remove some of the dirty water by adding a small amount of fresh water. The only problem is that there is still more dirt being dropped in your bucket. The water doesn’t get any cleaner.

A little clean water doesn’t transform your dirty water. Your dirty water changes your clean water.

Two things must happen if you are going to alter the composition of the water in your bucket.

  • One, you must stop allowing any new dirt to enter your bucket. Until you stop allowing new dirt to be dropped into your bucket (with or without your consent), you will never have clean water.
  • Second, you need to take a big hose, one with a lot of water pressure and blast the existing water out of your bucket with so much clean water that you force out the dirty water and replace it. A lot of water and a lot of force is how you transform the composition of the water in your bucket.

A little water won’t do. It takes a massive amount of water and all at once. And only after you have stopped allowing in garbage.

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