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In Praise of the Suit and Tie

When I was a teenager, the last thing in the world I could ever imagine myself doing was wearing a suit and tie. I thought suits and ties were for what I termed “execudrioids.”

I wore blue jeans that were tattered from being worn daily and…

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You Own It

You own it.

You own the decisions you make about what you choose to do with your time. You also own your decision as to what you choose not to do. You are as responsible for what gets done as you are for what doesn’t get done.

You own the…

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Managing Oneself Well

Managing oneself well isn't easy.

One CEO I know and work with keeps a small clock in front of him and the person he is meeting with at all times. If he is having a one-hour meeting, the meeting lasts for exactly one hour. This CEO is polite. He…

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