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Back To Basics

You should never, ever have to go back to basics. If you need to get back to the basics, you've done something wrong. Namely, you've stopped doing the fundamental things that allow salespeople and sales organizations to succeed.



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Outbound > Inbound

With all due respect to inbound, outbound is greater.

  • Eliminates Waiting: Outbound eliminates you waiting by the phone or living in your inbox, hoping that a lead finally arrives. It eliminates the need for you to wait for your marketing…
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How Prospecting Sets Your Tempo

This past Friday I had the opportunity to share the stage with Jeb Blunt, Miles Austin, Mark Hunter, Mike Weinberg, and John Spence. These five gentlemen are part of a mastermind group that came together a little over a year ago.

When I mentioned…

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Many Regrets

I regret not starting sooner. It wasn’t fear that prevented me from starting. It was the fact that I was comfortable.

I regret not treating people with the respect that they deserved. Especially when I was younger, I didn’t treat people as well…

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Vive la France!

The curve of human consciousness bends sharply towards love and away from fear. It bends towards courage and away from hatred. On some days, it is difficult to remember this is true.

Our evolution as species is moving towards a recognition of our…

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