The Reason Your Dream Client Doubts You

One of the reasons you may have trouble compelling your dream client to believe and take action on the idea that they can produce better results is that they simply don’t believe you. The reason your dream client doubts you is that they’ve been lied to before.

Your dream client used to believe that they could produce better results. They used to believe the vendor or partner they use to do what you do was to blame. It’s easy to believe that when you aren’t getting the results that you want that your vendor is to blame. And sometimes this is true.

Fool Me Once

Over time, your dream client met with salespeople who promised that if they would only replace their existing supplier with their company that all of their problems would be solved. More still, they would be solved at an even lower price. This is what your dream client wanted to believe. So they took a shot, only to be disappointed.

But your dream client didn’t give up so fast. They saw more salespeople, each of whom made the same promise: better, faster, cheaper. It sounded good. So they once again changed suppliers. And once again they were disappointed.

When you suggest that you can do a better job than your competitors, that you can be faster, and you can do so at an even lower price, you sound exactly like all the salespeople who lied to your dream client. This makes it incredibly difficult for them to believe your promise.

Fool Me Twice

If you had been told the same thing three or four times and followed a salesperson’s recommendations each time to be disappointed, would you not be incredulous now?

If it were easy to produce better results, someone would have already done it. If the results could be produced faster than they are now, someone would’ve helped them do so. But most of all, if it could be done at the price your dream client is paying now, it would be being done. The reason your dream client doesn’t believe they can produce better results is because no salesperson has been willing to tell them the truth.

Tell the Truth

What is that truth? The truth is that they are going to have to change what they are doing more than they want to. The truth is they’re going to need to invest more money than they’re presently investing. The truth is that they are going to need to embark on a change initiative that is going to require time, effort, and money.

Your dream client isn’t necessarily going to like this story. And it isn’t going to be easy to help them agree to make all the changes necessary. But if you want to be a trusted advisor or a consultative salesperson, this is what you are going to need to do. It isn’t easy, and that’s why we call it selling.

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