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With all due respect to inbound, outbound is greater.

  • Eliminates Waiting: Outbound eliminates you waiting by the phone or living in your inbox, hoping that a lead finally arrives. It eliminates the need for you to wait for your marketing department to deliver that lead. And don’t have to wait for your dream client to engage with you. Inbound assumes that your dream clients are going to beat a path to your door. Outbound assumes that no such thing is going to happen. Outbound eliminates your need to wait for something to happen or someone else to give you a lead to work. Inbound makes you a dependent. Outbound makes you self-reliant.
  • Eliminates Need for Luck: A “Bluebird” is an opportunity that comes to you completely sold and ready-to-buy. It’s nice to catch a bluebird. But it’s lucky, and luck isn’t a strategy. If it were, you could repeat it–and you can’t. How much luck is necessary for your dream client to Google a search term that leads them directly to you? However much luck that takes, you don’t have enough of it. Outbound eliminates the need for luck. The Gods of Sales smile on salespeople who consistently prospect. Those same Gods mock the salesperson who waits for luck.
  • Establishes Presence: You want to be known as a value-creator before your dream client establishes that they have a need. You want the people who are going to initiate change to know who you are, to have spoken with you, and to have experienced your shared ideas that prove you have chops. The earlier you establish your presence, the more likely your dream client will call on you when they need something. You also want your dream client to know with great certainty that you are pursuing them. The further in front of an opportunity, the better.
  • Control Your Destiny: Inbound puts your destiny in someone else’s hands. A lot of someones, in fact. Outbound is how you take control of your destiny, your future, your results.

Inbound marketing is wonderful. So is content marketing. But outbound is still greater.

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