Many Regrets

I regret not starting sooner. It wasn’t fear that prevented me from starting. It was the fact that I was comfortable.

I regret not treating people with the respect that they deserved. Especially when I was younger, I didn’t treat people as well as I should have.

I regret not giving people my full, undivided attention. There is no greater gift you can give a human being than the gift of your full attention. Giving another person your full attention is more difficult now than ever.

I regret wasting time. I spent time doing things that did not create value for other people and distracted me from my real mission and wasted my time.

I regret believing that someone else was the problem. Stephen Covey said that the belief that someone else is your problem is your real problem. You are your real problem. I can’t count the times I thought another person was my problem.

I regret not recognizing my potential earlier in my life. As a young person, I had no idea of my potential. Had I recognized it earlier, I would’ve capitalized on it sooner.

I regret almost every minute I’m away from my family and my loved ones. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing; I’d still rather be with my people.

I regret not pursuing absolute freedom much sooner. I regret not recognizing that the big game is freedom, not comfort. It’s wealth, not income.

I regret not recognizing that we are all connected, that we are not separate sooner. I used to believe that there was a “us” and a “them.” There isn’t. There’s just us.

You are supposed to say that you have no regrets, that all the decisions, missteps, mistakes, and failures led you to this point. There is some truth to that. But your regrets are a record of what you have learned and how you have changed.

Even if you could go back in time and make decisions to avoid the regrets you have now, that path would only have left you with a different set of regrets. And you still would have had to learn and have had to change to become who you are.

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