Vive la France!

The curve of human consciousness bends sharply towards love and away from fear. It bends towards courage and away from hatred. On some days, it is difficult to remember this is true.

Our evolution as species is moving towards a recognition of our infinite abundance and away from scarcity. Our perceived differences are disintegrating, and we are more and more discovering that we aren’t different from our brothers and sisters in any meaningful way. The speed at which this is occurring feels painfully slow.

There are still many people who are infected with fear. Their fear is the source of their hatred. Because they are so deeply infected, they believe that there are real differences between human beings that are worth killing or dying for.

On days like today, it is important to remember that love will eventually triumph over fear, even when those mad with fear try to pass us their infection. It takes massive courage to resist being infected.

Pray for those who were lost. Pray especially for their families. Pray for France. And pray that we move faster and with great courage.

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