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Can People and Can’t People

“Can" people believe that there is a way to do things that “can’t" people believe can’t be done.

It’s easy to lose customers and opportunities because you believe that you can’t do something that they need done. But the person who will…

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I Have Changed My Mind

If you haven’t changed your mind about anything significant, you aren’t learning, and you aren’t growing. The more you are open and receptive to having your long-held beliefs challenged, the more you will grow. But that growth requires that you…

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Pushing Beyond Failure

When you lift weights, the last rep is often the rep that causes you to fail. You're not strong enough to push the weight one more time. But it is your final attempt that causes your muscles to tear, repair, and eventually grow.

Eventually, you…

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14 Sales Worst Practices

  1. Waiting for someone else to create your opportunities for you. A lack of prospecting usually proves fatal when it comes to selling well. Your success hinges on your ability to create new opportunities.
  2. Not preparing for sales meetings. The…
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Using Video to Pitch

A prospective client wanted to see the content from a workshop I proposed before he’d consider it. But I had a problem showing him the content. When he was available, I wasn’t. When I was available, he wasn’t. There just wasn’t any way for…

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