Today I Stopped Selling

Today I decided to stop selling and start waiting. I was waiting for opportunities where I could connect and to be helpful. So many experts have recommended this approach, there has to be something to it. Why else would someone suggest “stop selling” if it wasn’t working?

10:00 AM: How long exactly does it take for the “waiting” approach to start working? So far nothing is happening. I’m just sitting here. Waiting.

10:45 AM: Okay. I’ve gone out to LinkedIn and accepted all my connection requests and said thank you. Nothing.

11:00 AM: Maybe I need to connect with more people on Twitter. Now I’ve gone out and engaged with some people there. Very cool people! Super nice!

1:15 PM: I’m waiting. I’m starting to worry. My phone isn’t ringing. And I’m getting a lot of emails, but none of them is anybody asking to buy from me.

1:30 PM: Maybe I’m not doing this right. Maybe I need to wait harder. This whole “stop selling” is a lot harder than it looks. I can’t seem to make it work.

2:45 PM: Alright, I have an idea. I’ll stare at the phone. If I stare long enough, it’s bound to ring.

2:57 PM: Nothing. I’ll stare harder. I think there’s a vein bulging out of my forehead. Still nothing.

3:20 PM: I give up. Not selling is a lot harder than selling. Waiting is the most difficult strategy ever. I can’t seem to find a way to turn hope into actual sales results.

4:22 PM: I must be doing something wrong. I guess I’ll go back to selling.

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