Sellers Beware

Beware of ideas that suggest that buyers no longer need salespeople, that salespeople can’t create value, or that information on the Internet will replace the insight of human beings. Being irrelevant is a choice.

Beware of any advice that suggests that prospecting is limited to one single method, that old methods don’t work, or that someone else should do your prospecting for you. Lots of methods work, even the ones you don’t like.

Beware of anyone who sells you the idea that some tool or technology is the answer to all of your sales challenges or that leveraging some technology can radically improve your ability to sell. Technology is helpful in the right hands. But it isn’t the difference that makes a difference. No buyer buys from you because of the technology you use.

Beware of people who sell you the idea that selling isn’t selling, that it is simply connecting, or simply being helpful, or that you should wait for your buyer to ask you if they can buy. Connecting is important. Being helpful is important. But these things alone or together are not selling.

Beware of people who sell you the idea that you don’t have to do the things that you don’t like to do, that you don’t want to do, or that you are afraid to do to succeed. Beware of people who will sell you the idea that selling is easy if you only follow “their way.” Selling isn’t easy, and the only people for whom selling is easy is people who prey on your weaknesses and your fears.

Sellers beware. If the words you hear or read are like music to your ears, you are being seduced. If the words make you uncomfortable, if they are unpleasant to your ears, and if they challenge what you believe, give them your full attention and careful consideration.

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