A Light Saber Doesn’t Make You a Jedi Knight

I don’t know if there is anything cooler than a light saber. It’s got the old samurai katana thing going on, and it’s as high tech as anything. You can slice someone in half with it and cauterize the wounds at the same time.

But having a light saber does not make you a Jedi Knight. To be a Jedi Knight, you have to use the force. The force is that special something that looks like magic. It’s something deep inside you that gives you abilities that mere mortals don’t possess. What makes a Jedi dangerous is not what is in his hand but what is in his mind. It’s something deep inside him.

A mortal with a light saber is no match for an unarmed Jedi Knight.

The light saber is something you might find useful after you have the force. You want to spend your time and energy and money developing the force. The tools do not make the warrior, the warrior makes the tools.

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