Your Results Will Change When You Change

Your results will only change when you do.

You will only have the opportunities you need when you change what you believe about prospecting and nurturing your dream clients. Your pipeline will improve as soon as you start taking the consistent actions that open new relationships and create new opportunities. Your results here will not improve until you massively modify your beliefs and your actions around prospecting.

Your win rates will only improve when you change some of the things that you do between target and close. Your results will improve when you follow a process that both creates value for your prospective client and allows you to accomplish the outcomes you need during every interaction. You change how you approach your dream client, and they change in their response to you. You change first.

If you have negative emotions or bad feelings about asking people for commitments, you will never gain the clients that you should. You’ll never reach your real potential. If you believe nonsense like “Never be closing,” then you are going to have to change that belief to something healthier. Otherwise, you will fail to ask.

Maybe this post is about sales. Or maybe it’s about your physical health, your relationships, your finical goals, or some other area of your life where you aren’t getting the results that you want. The principle is the same: If you aren’t getting the results that you want, then you have to change what you believe and the actions you are taking—in that order. If you don’t first change your mind, you won’t change your actions. If you don’t change your actions, you won’t change your results.

So what has to happen for you to change your mind? What new actions do you know that you need to take now to produce the outcomes you want?

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