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8 Lies About Selling

Here are 8 lies about selling:
  1. It is enough to just be helpful. It is true that you create value by helping your buyer. You help them discover their needs. You help them determine the cause of their problems. You help them evaluate their…
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All You Have Is Time

“I don’t have time.”

You’ve said those words. So have I. You think that you don’t have enough time quite often too, don’t you? But the one thing you do have is time. And you have enough time, too. You may be missing something else.

What you may…

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Saying No to Small Things

I love people. I always have. So when people ask me for help, I automatically want to say “yes.” It’s easy to end up with no margin in your life if you say “yes” to everyone and everything all of the time. I know this.

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Were You Productive Today?

  1. Did you make progress on your most important project? Productivity isn’t how many things you scratch off your to-do list. You can have days where you complete all kinds of tasks, none of which have anything to do with what was really…
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