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The Perils of Cold Calling

The very first cold call I ever made, the lucky recipient accused me of reading from a script before hanging up in my face. I was 19 years old. I was reading from a script, and a damn good one. It was the delivery that killed me. But I called him…

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Concentrate On One Thing

There are so many distractions now that it’s very difficult to give anything your full, undivided attention. No matter how good your intentions, the potential distractions can be overwhelming.

You never remove your smartphone from your hand for…

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Little White Lies

Last week I received a call from an entrepreneur. He’s got a successful business, and he just started a new business. This entrepreneur called to ask me to help him with one question he had about providing references to a big prospect he was…

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Do You Remember How to Close?

Two weeks ago I told a client that his team needed to go back to the playbook I helped them build and the planned dialogues therein. He said, “To you those words are easy, but to our people they sound aggressive.” He’s not wrong. It’s…

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How To Not Look Stupid

“I don’t want to look stupid.”

Some salespeople are afraid to call their dream clients because they believe that they may be asked a question to which they lack the answer. They are afraid that by not knowing the answer that they will lose their…

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