Your Prospects Don’t Need More Time

“We need time to think it over. We’ll get back to you in a couple of weeks.”

This objection has nothing to do with time. It’s something deeper and more important. Your prospects might need a lot of things, but time isn’t one of them. Time doesn’t do anything except relentlessly tick away. And often it takes your opportunity and the change your prospect needs with it.

What your prospects need is help. Specifically from a professional.

Help Understanding

Your prospects often need help understanding. They need help understanding how to evaluate your offering. They also need help understanding the trade-offs that they may have to make to get the results they want. They need help evaluating the risks and rewards that will result from their choices.

If you aren’t there to help your prospect get a better understanding of how they should evaluate their next move, they’re making that decision without the insight and experience that you can give them.

Help Justifying the Investment

Some of your prospects are willing to pay more for the right solution. But they need help justifying the additional expense. Even though they understand your value proposition, they need to defend the extra expense to their peers, their leadership team, and to their financial overseers.

Without your help building the case for a greater investment, the contacts within your dream client company can struggle to get the internal “yes” that both of you need.

Help Building Consensus

Sometimes a request for more time is an indication that your prospective client needs their team to agree with the decision to buy from you to move forward with your solution. The problem is that if none of those stakeholders know you, or if you mistakenly ignored them throughout the process, it’s difficult for these stakeholders to feel warm and fuzzy about giving a “yes” to a person who didn’t have the courtesy to even meet with them.

You can provide immeasurable help in the consensus-building process.

If you give your prospective clients more time, you aren’t giving them what they really need. To give them what they really need, you must have the courage to ask for the commitment to help them through the process of change.

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