Your Income Equals Your Outcomes

Your income is going to equal your outcomes.

If you produce little to no outcomes, you will have little or no income. If what you do creates only the tiniest bit of value, then you will only have an equally tiny income. Your income will never be significant when your outcomes are not.

If you produce average outcomes, your income will also be average. A lot of people and companies try to equal their peers. Some companies try to follow the industry best practices, instead of trying to compete on greater value creation. The outcomes aren’t enough to command a greater income.

If you produce extraordinary outcomes, you earn an extraordinary income. If you create greater value, then you are entitled to capture a greater share of the value that you create. The more people for whom you create extraordinary outcomes, the greater your income.

If you want to improve your income, then you need to focus on improving the outcomes you create.

  • Are you producing extraordinary outcomes, or are you producing something less?
  • What do you need to do to improve the results that you are creating?
  • How are your beliefs and actions limiting your income?

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