You Are Privileged

Some people are better looking than you. Their stunning good looks brings them a lot of positive attention, and a lot of people want to help them. Their attractiveness provides them with a distinct advantage in some situations. They were born with the genetic privilege of attractiveness.

Some people were born with a strong financial backing. Wealthy people have children. Through nothing but the good fortune of being born to people with a good-sized fortune, these people have all the privileges that come with wealth.

Some people are far more athletic than you are. One kid in my eighth-grade class could slam dunk a basketball. He was only 5’10. He could also carry a football across the field without being touched. Some people are born with natural physical gifts. Athleticism is their privilege.

Some people were born with a name. It probably doesn’t hurt to have been born a Kennedy, a Clinton, a Bush, a Gates or, in the future, a Zuckerberg. Not only do you have the wealth, you are also born with the privilege of the equity your family built up in their name. These people have the good fortune of a powerful family brand.

Some people luck into something big. There are people who just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Through nothing but good luck, these people find their way into some deal that produces extraordinary success that they would never have had without fortune smiling upon them.

Some people have the right connections. It’s very helpful to know the right people. A strong network of people who can recommend or vouch for you can open doors that would otherwise remain closed to you.

Some people were born in a country with way more opportunity. If you were born in America, you are already in the top 1% of the world when it comes to wealth. You have a big head start over the vast majority of the world’s population. Being born here might be the only privilege you have.

There are plenty of us that are born with the privilege of adversity. Instead of a head start, you may have been born with extraordinarily difficult challenges. You have the privilege of having had to grow, to learn, and to hustle. You have the privilege of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. You have the privilege of building yourself from scratch. This is your privilege.

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