Do More of What Is Working

Most of the time when we focus on improving ourselves and improving our results, it’s about figuring out what’s not working and making changes. A lot of the time, this is exactly what needs to happen. You stop doing something that isn’t working for you and start doing something new. But like anything else, this isn’t true 100% of the time.

Sometimes you need to do more of what’s working. You need to double down on the bet you have already made.

What are you doing right? What’s working for you now?

What Works Once

Maybe you’ve pursued one of your dream clients for years, nurturing the relationships you needed, until they reached the point where they were ready to change. Now, they’re engaged, they know you, and they believe you can help them now.

What you are doing is working. But are you doing enough of this work? Are there other dream clients that aren’t as receptive that you aren’t pursuing with this same plan? What works once will work twice. Or dozens and dozens of times.

Practice Brings Mastery

Maybe you finally started picking up the phone and dialing numbers. You’ve booked a few appointments, appointments you desperately need. You discovered that the telephone still works, but 10 calls a day isn’t going to bring you the results you need.

You get better when you take some action over and over. If you practice deliberately, you make distinctions, you notice things, you make changes. You don’t really improve and gain mastery of something that you only do once in a while. Doing something more often gives you the practice you need to reach mastery.

Consistent Action Breeds Consistent Results

Maybe you feel better when you wake up early, eat right, exercise, and hydrate (all of which are massively underestimated when it comes to producing results in every area of your life, especially areas where you interact with other people). You aren’t doing anything wrong by sticking to a regimen like this three days a week.

Sporadic actions produce equally sporadic results. Consistent actions produce the consistent results that only high performers produce.

You Aren’t Broken

We spend a lot of time focused on what’s broken, what needs to be fixed, and what we need to change. You will never run out of work to do here (I am not sure I have even made a dent in my list). But what’s wrong isn’t the only place to focus.

Focus on what’s right. Do more of what is working.

  • Where are you performing well?
  • What’s working for you?
  • What bet should you double down on right now?
  • On what bet should you go all in?

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