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Absolutely Avoiding Absolutes

I just spoke with a person to whom someone recommended a book that suggested that the readers should never again prospect. The person who wrote the book worked for a company with billions in revenue. That revenue figure exceeded the revenue of…

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Disciplines and Goals

Last week’s newsletter filled up my inbox. I had written about goals and what I call “discipline lists.” But of the dozens of emails I received, there were only two questions asked over and over again. Those questions were, “What is on your…

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Objective and Subjective

Science has reduced everything to bits and bytes. Everything is atoms, and everything is now data. It is all subject to being measured, analyzed, and used to make decisions. Because we trust objective data, it’s used to make predictions about…

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Maybe You Aren’t a Salesperson

Everyone sells. Even if you don’t work in sales, you are always selling. If you’ve ever tried to change someone’s mind, you were selling. If you have ever asked for a job, you were selling. Remember when you asked for a raise? That was…

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