The Hustler’s Playbook: A Hustler’s Income

A hustler doesn’t let anyone else determine what they are worth. They don’t let others determine what their income is or what it should be. Instead, they determine what they are worth and they go about doing all things necessary to create enough value to produce the income that they want.

If this means that the hustler has to work harder, they will do the work necessary. If it means they have to take on additional responsibilities, they’ll gladly accept them. In many cases, having the income and the life they want requires the hustler to start their own business. If having the income they want means they have to strike out on their own, the hustler is up for the challenge.

Hustlers understand that value creation comes before income. They believe that they are in control of how much value they create and how they create it. The hustler works to create value for people who perceive that value and who are willing to pay for it.

The non-hustler wants more money, but they don’t want all the things that come before the money. They don’t particularly want to work harder, and they don’t especially want more responsibility.

The non-hustler may believe they are worth more, but that is because they have a distorted view of their value. They may not work for minimum wage, but what they believe about their value is the same. They believe that a wage should be set by someone, somewhere to help ensure that they have the money they need.

They don’t understand that value creation comes before income, and that they themselves are in control of how much value they create and how they create it. The non-hustler doesn’t know that they can determine their income any time they choose to change their beliefs and their behaviors.

Your income is determined by the value you create. You determine how much value you create and who you create that value for.

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