4 Ways You Are Creating Resistance

Here are four ways you are creating resistance in your prospective buyers.

  1. Pitching before a need is established. We’ve all done it. You’ve been so hyped up about what you sell, that you can’t help but start pitching it to your prospect. It’s easy go into pitch mode when it’s clear that your prospect has the exact set of problems what you sell is designed to remedy. But doing so creates resistance. Until your dream client agrees that they need to change, your pitch will cause your efforts to create an opportunity to create the opposite.
  2. Failing to address the real cost of change. When you paint a picture of how easy it is to produce better results, you create resistance in mature business people. Anyone who has ever tried to produce better results knows that it almost always costs more in the way of time, money, and effort. Failing to address this creates resistance by causing your prospect to believe you don’t know what it will really take, or worse, that you don’t care.
  3. Failing to resolve concerns. Buyers almost always have doubts about what they are buying. They worry that they aren’t making the right decision, that they aren’t going to get the value they bargained for, that they may be embarrassed if what they buy fails. When you don’t discover and resolve these concerns, you create resistance to buying. Resistance that could be easily resolved.
  4. Making it known that the deal is about you. If you want to be absolutely certain to create resistance to a deal, all you have to do is ensure that your prospective client feel the slightest tinge that the deal is more to benefit you than it is to benefit them. Making it known that you intend to profit from the deal creates the kind of resistance from which there is no coming back.

You can sell in a way that creates resistance in a buyer, or you can sell in a way that eliminates resistance. If you know how you create resistance, then you can change your approach and create a desire to move forward.

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