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When to Be Directive

My son is taking Algebra II. The class is part of the Common Core curriculum, and as such, the teacher is not allowed to instruct him. Instead, he has to work with three of his peers to teach himself Algebra II. He is having a difficult time.

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Trading Up

The technological tools often make it easy to trade down to more impersonal, more transactional mediums. But you don't have to trade down; you can just as easily trade up to more personal, more value-creating mediums. And by doing so, you can

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First You Win

And Then You Provide Proof

Proof is something you use to resolve your dream client's concerns. It's something your dream client uses to justify the decision to choose you.

The page of logos that indicate the caliber of companies you do business…

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Why I Deleted Your Email

I deleted your email because you didn't really send it to me. There was no personalization.  You didn’t look me up on LinkedIn. You didn’t even try to know me. You didn’t even try to connect on a personal level. You’re spamming me.

I deleted your…

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