Today Is Day One

Day one is the day that you cut yourself off from any possibility other than the course of action you have decided upon. Day one is the day that you begin.

Day one is the day you throw down the gauntlet and step into the breach, come what may. Day one you burn the boats at the shoreline. On day one, you eliminate the possibility of retreating, of giving up, of giving in, or of going back.

Day one is the day you take the big step forward, never to again return to what came before that day. Day one is the day you defeat the fear that has until now prevented you from doing what you are now going to do, that prevented you from becoming who you will now become.

Day one is the day that you draw the line in the sand, recognizing that this line is your starting line. You own this line. The line you draw on day one is also the finish line for everything that came before day one.

Day one is the day you finally stop looking back. You now accept that the past is behind you. On day one, all you see is your clear vision of the future.

You don’t make any excuses on day one. You no longer accept your rationalizations. On day one, you feel the fire burning in your belly and you are willing to do whatever is necessary to succeed.

Day one is the first day that you check a box that you are going to continue to check every day into the future.

Day one is a day that you will always remember. But you won’t count the days it’s been since day one, because the number of days won’t matter. Who you become on day one is the only thing that matters.

Today is day one. Or it could be.

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