Make Laziness Your Enemy

Laziness will prevent you from succeeding in work and life.

It will deny you all the things you want. It will prevent you from producing the results you want for yourself, and it will prevent you from producing meaningful results for others.

Laziness will prevent you from realizing your true potential, a potential found only on the other side of hard work.


Complacency will also repel success away from you.

Waiting until some external force requires you to do something that needs done steals your initiative. Being satisfied with the way things are now keeps you from growing, and prevents you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Complacency is a form of laziness.


Apathy is another form of laziness, the laziness of not caring.

Not caring one way or another is to waste your life, a life that is supposed to be meaningful, a life that is meant to have purpose. You have to pick sides. You have to believe in something enough to fight for it. Being a spectator is laziness.

The greatest part of life is found in the struggle.


Procrastination is like kryptonite to success. It weakens you. It saps your power. It softens you up and makes you vulnerable.

Procrastination is frittering away the little time that you have on small things when you should be focused on the big, important work of your life. It’s the laziness of making easy choices instead of making the bigger choice to do what is difficult.

Hunt down the laziness, the apathy, and the complacency that lives inside you. Do everything in your power to destroy it before it destroys you. And know that you can only destroy  these things by taking action.

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