The Two Things Standing Between You and Success

Doing one or both of these things will prevent you from succeeding in living your purpose.

Seeking Permission

You don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue your own dream or to live your own purpose. Truth be told, you have never needed it.

Seeking permission is to deny that you are empowered to pursue your version of success, that thing that will most fulfill you. It is to deny yourself of your purpose, the difference you are here to make, your contribution.

No one has the right to deny you these things, so it follows that no one has the power to stop you. The only people with the power to stop you from living your dream and your purpose are the people you mistakenly invest with that power.

You don’t need to ask for anyone’s permission. You give yourself permission (and here is your permission slip).

I have a death mask of Napoleon on my office wall. It’s to remind me that no one gives you permission; you take it.

Seeking Approval

There is an equally dangerous obstacle standing between you and success. That obstacle is your need for approval.

Everyone wants to be liked. We need to be loved, and we need connection. Those needs can drive the need to seek approval. But seeking approval is dangerous.

There will be plenty of people who don’t like what you decide to do. There will be some who oppose what you do. There will be some who are jealous and withhold their approval because they fear what you will become.

You don’t need anyone’s approval. You don’t need to check with anyone to see if your dream and your purpose is valid. The only dream and purpose they are qualified to approve is their own.

You already have the support of the people who love you unconditionally. The people you are meant to serve are going to recognize that in what you do, and they have been waiting for you all this time. They already approve.

Just like you give yourself permission, you have to love yourself enough to approve of your version of success. In the end, your approval is the only approval you will ever need.

Stop waiting for permission. You already have it. Stop seeking approval. Yours is enough.

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