If I Were Starting This Blog Over

Anonymous writes: “What would you do if you had to start your blog over from scratch?”

Create Content Consistently

The first thing I would do if I had to start this blog over from scratch would be to sit down with a legal pad and a pen (I like brainstorming on paper when I really need to get ideas out of my head fast).

I would start by making 10 lists of 10 ideas about some subject. I might start with ideas like 10 Ways to Improve Your Sales Right Now, 10 Factors That Indicate Your Prospect Is Compelled to Change, and 10 Questions You Should Ask During Every Discovery Sales Call. That would give me 10 pretty good blog posts that I know would create value for the people I wanted to reach.

But I would really have a 110 blog post ideas. Each list of 10 would really be 11 blog posts because I could go deeper on each individual point that makes up a list in its own post. Some of those individual posts would contain ideas that could easily make up another whole post on it’s own.

I would worry most about writing something that would help the people I want to serve. I would want to write in a way that made the ideas immediately actionable for the reader. I would focus on consistently providing value.

Create and Contribute to Community

Once I started posting content, I would focus on building or joining some community. I would look for a community of people who understand how the social tools work, people who understand the power of community, and the power of sharing. If I couldn’t find a community to join, I would create one. I’d invite people to connect and share.

I would give my way into that community. I would promote other people’s work consistently. I would try to find ways to help them reach their goals. I would reach out to people on the telephone or Skype and introduce myself and get to know them.

Content marketing (or building your personal brand) requires that you create compelling content and you join or build a community.

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