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Eggermans and Powerballs

All prospects aren’t created equal.


One company I work with won an account called Eggerman. Over the course of a full year, they billed Eggerman $187. That’s all the money that Eggerman had to spend in their space, and they…

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If You Think You Can Do Better

There are only three choices available to you when you don’t believe in your company and you disagree with the way the company is being run.

Leave and start your own company

There are a lot of people who started their business because they…

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The Death of the Gatekeepers

“You aren’t tall enough.”

Thank you very much for your time, but I believe someone is going to hire me anyway.

“You don’t have the right education. You aren’t Ivy League.”

Thanks so much for your time. I believe you are wrong, and I believe…

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