The Value In Shaping Your Dream Client’s Thinking

There are different levels of value you can create for your clients. Every level transcends and includes the level before it.

  • Delivering your product, your service, or your solution.
  • Delivering the product, service, or solution, as well as an exceptional customer experience.
  • Delivering your product, services, solution, an exceptional experience, as well as a tangible business outcome.
  • Delivering your product, service, solution, an exceptional experience, tangible business outcomes that are tied to your client’s strategic business needs.
  • Delivering your product, service, solution, an exceptional experience, tangible business outcomes tied to your client’s strategic business needs after having helped to determine and shape those needs.

The skill sets required to deliver the lowest level of value are relatively easy to obtain. They are easily taught, trained, coached, and developed. The lower levels are more transactional, and the higher levels are more consultative.

Moving up these levels requires greater skills and abilities. It also requires different methodologies.

The highest level of value you create is about shaping your dream client’s thinking. It’s about helping them understand what is possible. You create that value when you help them see their future and how they can get there.

Your product, your service, your solution, an excellent customer experience, tangible business outcomes are all an important components about how you help your client get there, but it your ability to help see that future and shape it that differentiates you in a crowded market of people who look and sound a lot like you.

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