Determining Your Life’s Purpose

The most important decision you will ever make is the decision as to what you will do with your life. Your one life. This is more difficult than it sounds.

This decision requires that you navigate between two primary questions.

What Are You Here For?

First, you have to determine what your purpose is. Why are you here?

  • What are you here to do?
  • What contribution are you going to make?
  • What is the mark that you are to make?

There is no purpose that will satisfy you long-term if it doesn’t make some contribution to others. You are going to measure your life by the contribution you made to others and the gratitude you feel for those that were there for you.

How Do You Want to Live?

The second idea is as important. How do you want to spend your time?

  • What does your ideal day look like?
  • What lifestyle do you want for yourself?
  • Who do you want to spend your time with?
  • How do you design this life?

There is more than one way to live your purpose. Your way need only be the right way for you. Others will choose their own path, and their path need not look like yours.

Living Intentionally

Much of the circumstances of your life are accidental. You don’t choose your parents. You don’t choose the place of your birth. You don’t choose who you fall in love with.

But you have to be very intentional about what to do with your life. It’s likely that you haven’t spent enough time asking yourself these questions and working on the answers. Your answers may change from time to time because your intentions may change.

If you don’t determine the purpose of your life and how you will live it, someone else will, and that is a recipe for unhappiness. Your primary job is to determine your life’s purpose and then get busy fulfilling it.

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