Leaders Focus on Potential

Leaders focus on potential.

Great leaders know that it is their job to insure the organization they lead reaches its full potential. They make sure that the organization does everything in its power to live its mission and bring the organization’s vision to life.

Strategy decisions are about potential. Tactical decisions are about potential. Lots of financial decisions are about applying resources to insure the organization reaches it’s potential. But the best leaders know that the real potential is locked up in their people.

Without helping your people reach their full potential, you aren’t reaching your full potential. (<Tweet This) As long as you believe that your people are capable of delivering more, and I don’t know a single leader who doesn’t believe this in his or her heart, then you haven’t yet hit the mark.

  • What do you need to do now to unlock the potential locked up in the people you lead?
  • What can you do now to realize the potential of the members of the team that report to you?

Increasing Potential

There is another way to look at potential

A new mission, a new vision, new capabilities, new competencies, or new offerings can also radically increase the potential of an organization. A leader can increase the potential of the organization and give it new possibilities. So leadership isn’t only about ensuring the organization reaches its full potential now, but also increasing that potential, stretching it beyond its current capacity.

The same is true of the people who make up the organization you lead. They can be stretched beyond their current capabilities. A great leader knows that she can not only get the best performance from each person she leads, she can also build them up and increase their potential.

  • What opportunities can you provide to help the people you lead expand and increase their potential?
  • How can you increase the potential of the people on the team that reports to you?

Potential is the engine for growth. And not just growth in revenue.

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