The Hustler’s Playbook: What Hustlers Don’t Avoid

Hustlers do what others won’t. It’s not that others can’t do what the hustler does; they just don’t.

  • Don’t avoid hard work. Hustlers don’t avoid hard work. They embrace it. The hustler knows that they have to pay in advance for what they want, and the more difficult the work, the greater payment they are making. You’ve heard that the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t? Hustlers know it’s true and act so.
  • Don’t avoid making sacrifices. A hustler sacrifices security for freedom. She sacrifices higher salary now for financial independence later. The hustler sacrifices time hanging out with friends, time watching the best sporting events, and time watching the best television shows. They sacrifice being home early, and staying in bed an extra 9 minutes (or 27 minutes).
  • Don’t avoid disappointing some people. Hustlers say no. They refuse very nice offers from very nice people. They know that they can acquire new opportunities in the future, but they can’t acquire more time. Saying no means disappointing some people sometimes. It never feels good to say no. But the hustler knows that saying no to small things is what allows them to make room to say yes to their goals, dreams, and ambitions.
  • Don’t avoid conflict. If you are going to do big things, you are going to have deal with conflict. There are people who aren’t going to like what you do. Hustlers know that they are going be challenged. There are going to be personal conflicts. There may also be conflicts with financial people, clients, and competitors. It comes with the territory. So hustlers wade into the fray, taking care of business.
  • Don’t avoid selling. The hustler knows she has to sell herself. She knows she has to sell her vision. She has to sell her ideas. If the creates an offering, no one sells it harder of more successfully than the hustler. There is no hustler that isn’t also a salesperson. The hustler doesn’t avoid selling.

What is it that you are avoiding?

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