New School and Old School

  • New school thinks prospecting is sending an email. New school doesn’t follow up on that email. Old school believes prospecting is cold calling and following up with an email.
  • New school thinks social media is where relationships are made. Old school thinks that face-to-face meetings in real life are where relationships are made.
  • New school spends time behind the screen. Old school spends time in front of clients.
  • New school thinks that inbound marketing should drive lead generation. Old school doesn’t believe in waiting to have leads delivered.
  • New school thinks the demo is the thing. Old school thinks the conversation with their dream client is where the action is.
  • New school thinks value is reducing friction in the purchasing process, that it is in making things more transactional. Old school believes that the value is in delivering a higher level of value and delivering strategic outcomes.
  • New school doesn’t want to bother anybody. Old school doesn’t believe that helping people is bothering them.
  • New school doesn’t want to ask their prospective client for a commitment. Old school knows that selling is linking together conversations and commitments.
  • New school believes building a company is about acquiring investors. Old school believes that building a company is about acquiring paid customers.
  • New school wishes selling was easier. Old school works to improve themselves.

Follow the old school rules. Old school rules.

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