Your New Week’s Resolution

A year is too long between resolutions. You may even have forgotten what you resolved to change this year, or who you resolved to be.

Start With a Week

A new year is a new beginning. So is a new month, a new week, or a new day. It’s sometimes tough to remember that, truth be told, each moment is a chance to start (or to start over). You have the power to change the very moment you make a decision.

A week is a pretty solid block of time for producing real results. It’s an excellent block of time for planning and for making the commitments you need to make to yourself.

Are You Resolved?

Who will you resolve to be this week? How will the people who know you best recognize that you have resolved to be better than you were last week? What will they see you doing that is different from last week?

What will you resolve to do this week? What are the projects and tasks that give meaning to your life? How much more time are you going to spend on those projects this week, as compared to, say, last week? What progress will you make?

For you to be who you need to be, what relationships do you need to invest in this week? “Who” always matters more than “what.” What resolution do you need to make to honor these relationships?

Resolutions are bigger than your to-do list. Sure, you should plan your model sales week. You should also plan your whole week outside of sales. There is no reason not to resolve (or re-resolve) every week.

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