Are You Really Learning Anything?

  1. If you are not going to take action on the ideas that you read, then there is no reason to spend your time reading.
  2. If you aren’t going to find a way to apply what you are learning to your life, then you aren’t really learning.
  3. If you spend time scouring the social web for ideas that might help you but never act on those ideas, then you may as well have done nothing. Or done something better with your time.

Improvement begins in the mind. The idea that changes your beliefs provides you with potential power, not actual power. In order to convert that potential power to real power, you have to take action. And even action isn’t enough.

If you succeed the first time you try something, you are lucky (or maybe gifted at this one thing). The first time you take a new action is really about taking the first step, acquiring the feedback (negative or positive), and making adjustments. You only find the real improvement that a powerful and useful idea brings when you consistently apply that idea, and when you learn how to make it work for you.

Millions of people use the web to find ideas that might help them. Just like all the people who buy books, audio programs, and training courses and never work through the material. The few that do work through the content realize the benefit, and no matter how great or how small, are transformed.

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