The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Create Their Own Wealth

This isn’t about money or being acquisitive. There is nothing wrong with either. This is about the mindset of the hustler.

The hustler isn’t jealous of what someone else has. They aren’t green with envy. The hustler looks at someone who has what she wants and thinks to herself, “If he can have that, there is no way I can’t do the same.” She isn’t jealous; she’s inspired.

The non-hustlers and the slackers look at someone who has a certain level of wealth with envy. They don’t necessarily want what that person has as much as they don’t want them to have it. They don’t believe that it is fair that someone has something that they believe is too much, too good, or out of their reach. This is true even when the non-hustler has more than many.

The hustler doesn’t pay attention to the politics of distraction. They aren’t focused on what other people have, even though there are plenty of people who have more than they do. They are focused on developing themselves, hustling, and finding their version of success. This is a day and age when much media attention is focused on the growing disparity between the haves and have-nots, with most of the stories being framed to intimate that the have-nots cannot have more, that someone must take it from them.

The non-hustlers and slackers, being envious, wish for someone to take money from other people, mistakenly believing that this will somehow improve their lot in life. They don’t know that this has never proven true. And so they are infected with a mindset that they are powerless to change, that they cannot be more, do more, and in doing so, have more.

A hustler redistributes wealth on their own. The hustler knows that by hustling and creating value for others, they capture some of that value themselves. Hustlers weren’t born with last name Rockefeller, Gates, Buffet, or Walton. They’re not jealous of people with that name. They work hard and worry about their own name.  That’s the only thing that they can control, and it’s the only surefire way to do better. Hustlers pull a lot of people up with them, and they’re charitable because they have the means to be.

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