The Big Impact of Incremental Advantages

Your training and development provides you an incremental advantage over competitors who fail to invest the time and money.

The time you spend nurturing your dream clients with ideas and insights provides you with an incremental advantage in being known–and being known as a value creator.

The work you do to prepare you for your first sales interaction, like planning your sales call, gives you an incremental advantage over those salespeople who decided to wing it.

The effort you make to collaborate with your dream client on what the right solution needs to look like provides you an incremental advantage when it comes time for your final presentation.

Following your sales process provides you the incremental advantage of creating value for your prospective client at every stage, making it easier for you to obtain a commitment to move forward together.

Spending time with the stakeholders who are ultimately going to decide to choose you–and implement your solution–and helping them build consensus around change gives you an incremental advantage at overcoming the status quo.

Leading with value and justifying the necessary investment early in the sales process provides an incremental advantage when it comes to defending the price necessary to produce those outcomes later.

None of these little advantages may seem like a big thing in the moment. But later, all of these incremental advantages provide a massive impact when it comes to creating and winning opportunities. As it turns out, the little things you do add up to a big advantage.

How do you gain a series of incremental advantages?

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