The Hustler’s Playbook: A 10 Step Guide to Hustling

  1. Decide what you want for yourself. What makes you happy? Hustlers have big reasons “why” that drive their actions. Non-hustlers drift.
  2. Develop your ability to create value for others. Your ability to have the life you want will be directly proportionally to your ability to create value that others are willing to pay for. Non-hustlers don’t work hard enough at creating value for others.
  3. Build your capabilities. Invest as much as you can in your personal and professional development. This increase and improves your ability to create value for others. And it allows you to create greater levels of value. Non-hustlers believe someone else needs to pay for their development.
  4. Create opportunities. Hustlers seek new opportunities. They look for areas where they make a difference, and areas where the difference they make moves them closer to their goals. Hustlers don’t wait for opportunity to knock. They hunt opportunity down. Non-hustlers hope someone discovers them.
  5. Execute. Hustlers execute. They do quality work. They work hard to ensure that whatever project they take on is done as well as is possible. Hustlers act with urgency. Not everything the hustler does succeeds. But nothing they do fails because they didn’t put forth the effort. Non-hustlers and slackers talk the talk.
  6. Grind it out. Hustlers grind out the work. They start work before others. They work longer and harder. Execution isn’t easy. It often means working away at some obstacle until you breakthrough. Non-hustlers are bored on the plateaus.
  7. Promote your successes. Hustlers promote themselves. The build a track record of success that they can proudly share. They stack up victories and successes. And the hustler is never afraid to point to those successes.
  8. Share credit. Hustlers aren’t often lone wolves. Big projects often take big resources. Hustlers share credit, promoting the people they work with who helped them achieve their successes.
  9. Step up a rung or two at a time. Hustlers tackle bigger and bigger goals. As they complete one goal, they set their sights on bigger and better goals. They climb their ladder of success one rung at a time. But as they gain momentum, they step up two or three rungs at a time. Non-hustlers are intimidated by big goals, and they believe they have to be “achievable,” not recognizing their own power.
  10. Celebrate. Hustlers celebrate their victories. They enjoy the rewards of the hustle. They’ve earned those rewards, and celebration of victories is part of the hustle. The non-hustler punches the clock and goes home.

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