34 Things You Need to Make a Deal

  1. The discipline to make your calls.
  2. A sense of optimism.
  3. Determination.
  4. A commitment for a first meeting.
  5. A compelling reason your dream client should change.
  6. Value.
  7. A status quo that is losing its hold.
  8. Confidence.
  9. A competitive spirit.
  10. Receptive and engaged stakeholders.
  11. Stakeholders with influence.
  12. Someone with authority and a pen.
  13. The ability to invest in a solution.
  14. Meetings.
  15. Proof that you have business acumen.
  16. Proof that you have situational knowledge.
  17. Follow up skills.
  18. Even more meetings.
  19. Resourcefulness and creativity.
  20. A solution that will produce results.
  21. A compelling story about change.
  22. Proof.
  23. A justification for your price.
  24. The ability to execute.
  25. A willingness to lead change.
  26. An excellent sense of humor.
  27. A team to support you.
  28. A willingness to be held accountable.
  29. The trust of the stakeholders making a decision.
  30. A non-disclosure agreement.
  31. A statement of work.
  32. A contract.
  33. Language that results in someone with authority attaching their signature to said contract.
  34. The ability to negotiate.

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