The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Value Themselves II

Hustlers value themselves. And they’re not afraid to capture some of the value that they create.

Hustlers create so much value that people are willing to pay for it. The hustler knows this, and they know that because they create so much value, they are entitled to capture some of that value for themselves.

Hustlers value themselves, and they price themselves accordingly.

The non-hustler doesn’t value themselves enough. They are unsure of their own worth, and they underestimate the value that they create. Because they don’t believe they create much value, they don’t believe they are entitled to capture very much. So they shrink when the subject of money comes up.

The hustler doesn’t care what her competitors charge for what they do. It has no bearing on her pricing because she only bases her price on the outcomes she creates. If she costs more, she knows that it is only because she creates more value. The hustler is confident in her price, no matter how high, because she is confident in her ability to earn every penny. The hustler expects to exceed expectations.

The non-hustler worries about what their competitor charges. They assume that whatever their competitor charges is what they should. Instead of basing their price on the value they create, they assume that they can’t be worth more than what other people charge, even though they may actually be worth far more. The non-hustler lacks confidence. He doesn’t believe in his price. He doesn’t know if he can meet expectations, let alone exceed them.

Hustlers know that because they create value for others, they will always have more opportunities. The hustler isn’t desperate for a deal, and so she can walk away from opportunities where her value isn’t recognized or appreciated. The hustler walks away with no hard feelings, never unhappy avoiding work that wasn’t meant for them.

The non-hustler is opportunity-starved. The non-hustler needs every deal. If the non-hustler’s client doesn’t perceive the value, they lower their price, believing that if the prospect doesn’t perceive the value of what they do, the value doesn’t exist.

You are a value creator. If you create value, you are entitled capture some of that value.

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