Your Dream Client Is a Generalist

Your dream client may be an educated buyer. They may have purchased what you sell for decades, and they may have some real ideas about what they need. The fact that your dream client contact is a sophisticated and savvy buyer means you have to raise your game. Your dream client is only a generalist if you are a specialist.

The contacts in your industry, regardless of how educated and savvy they are, don’t work in your industry. They haven’t sold what you sell. They haven’t helped the number of clients you have helped. And they haven’t seen all of the different failed attempts and wild success that you’ve seen. They don’t have your same level of situational knowledge (or experience). This is critically important.

You are more valuable when you are a specialist. For all the talk of your dream client spending hours on the web finding their way precisely to the 57% mark of their buying journey, most are too busy to do much research on their own. They mostly rely on their own experience–and what they learn from salespeople. If you can help provide your dream client with intel about what they should be doing, considering, and thinking about, you’re valuable. If your dream client knows as much as you, you aren’t going to be compelling or relevant.

You can’t be a brochure and be a specialist. You can’t sell product or sell features and benefits and be a specialist. You have to have the knowledge and experiences to create a higher level of value for your clients. You have to get to a more strategic level of value. If you want your contacts to look to you for help in your area, you have to be the specialist that they need, while also being enough of a generalist to know how to put what you know to work in your dream client’s business.

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