How to Reconcile Your Divided Mind

Have you ever been so focused on an outcome that you weren’t able to pay attention to the person sitting right in front of you? You can’t focus on two things at the same time. That is to be unfocused or distracted.

If you want to stop your divided mind from focusing on what you want to sell instead of what your dream client is saying, then close the call during your opening and allow your dream client to do the same.

Look, you know you are going to need to ask your dream client for some commitment to move forward together at the close of your call, so tell them that at the beginning of the call. Just say, “When we are finished here today, I am going to ask you schedule another appointment with me so I can meet the rest of your team to better understand their needs.” But don’t stop there. Now let your dream client reconcile their divided mind.

Your dream client has something they’re dying to ask you, and they may need to cover it before they can focus on your agenda. So ask, “Does this work for you, or is there something you want to change or cover first?” Your prospective client will either tell you to proceed with your agenda, or they’ll ask you a question they need answered. If they accept your agenda, they’re okay. If they ask a question, your answer can allow them to move on and give you their full focus.

But this isn’t only about sales. Leaders often suffer from divided mind. There is so much that the leader wants to tell the people that lead that they can struggle to let go and listen. If you are a leader, you know that this is true. Instead of barreling through giving your people half of your attention, just say, “Listen, I am going to want to share something when you are finished talking to me. Is that okay?’ Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to share everything you want, or you’ll get a commitment to get together again to do so.

There aren’t too many gifts greater than giving someone your full attention and truly listening to them. Do what’s necessary to reconcile your divided mind so you can give that gift.

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