Common Sales Objections: Interpreted and Translated.

I speak client. Here is a translation to the objections you heard and what they really mean.

“I already have a provider.”

Translated: “Listen, I am really busy and you have done nothing to convince me that you are worth my time. Even though I am not in love with my current provider, nothing you said makes me believe that you are their replacement.”

“That sounds interesting. Can you send me some information.”

Translated: “You don’t really sound too smart, so let’s just pretend that I am interested and that I am really going to carefully read and review that four-color glossy brochure you are going to send me. We both know I am going to throw it in the trash. And we both know you actually believe that I have somehow committed to something.”

“We need you to sign up on our vendor management site before we can talk to you.”

Translated: “Look, I don’t have time for you, and you’ve done nothing different from the last three salespeople who called me. Today! Here’s a little something to keep you busy, even though it will do absolutely nothing to move you closer to a deal. But at least you can tell your sales manager some silly story, right?

“Now’s not a good time. Can I ask you to call me back next quarter?”

Translated: “We both know how this works, don’t we? I pretend I am busy, even though I have plenty of time. You pretend like you are persistent, but instead of asking for an appointment again, you mark your calendar to call in 90 days. But you won’t call, and if you do you’ll take this same objection again every quarter.”

Yes, you still need to know how to overcome objections, especially when it comes to prospecting.

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