The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Value Themselves

There is a psychological phenomenon called impostor syndrome. When someone manifests impostor syndrome, they feel that aren’t worthy of the position in which they find themselves. They run from success because they fear being found out. What if they’re not really that good? What if someone finds out?

The Real Deal

Hustlers don’t have impostor syndrome. They never feel that they are undeserving of their position, their opportunities, their accolades, or their rewards. The simple reason hustlers don’t feel like an impostor is because they believe in themselves and their accomplishments. The hustler knows that it’s okay to take credit for what she’s done. She moves from one accomplishment to the next, never dismissing or diminishing her them.

The poor non-hustler isn’t an impostor, but they feel like one. A lot of non-hustlers struggle to value themselves and their accomplishments. They don’t believe that their story is good enough. They don’t believe their accomplishments are big enough. They compare themselves to others who have done more and instead of being inspired feel smaller. They don’t know that the person with whom they are comparing themselves is more like them than different.

Confidence in Who You Are

Hustlers look at their accomplishments and know that they create value. Because they value their accomplishments, they are confident in who they are. The confidence that comes from knowing who they are gives them confidence in what they do.

Confidence is why hustlers are impervious to failure. The hustler learns from everything they do and tries again and again.

Because the non-hustler doesn’t feel that their accomplishments are anything to speak of, they don’t feel confident in who they are or what they do. Where a hustler sees every accomplishment as the stepping-stone to the next, the non-hustler feels like an impostor, hoping not to be discovered.

The hustler promotes themselves and their accomplishments. The non-hustler hides from his accomplishments, hoping no one asks any questions or looks any deeper.

Your Self Worth

The reason hustlers achieve so much is because they have a high self-worth. Non-hustlers don’t value themselves enough, and their low self-worth is perhaps their greatest liability. Neither the hustler nor the non-hustler get what they deserve in life; both get exactly what they believe they deserve.

Hustlers value themselves, and so do other people. You are worth more.

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