What To Write About When You Have Nothing To Write About

You always have something you can write. Your creativity is a bottomless well, even though you may not be used to lowering the bucket into that well and pulling out the ideas that live there.

If you are blogging for business, you can write all kinds of useful content for your clients and prospects.

  • You can write about all of the things that you recognize they should be doing that they don’t yet recognize. What are the issues that haven’t hurt their business yet but soon will? What are the opportunities they should be taking advantage of now?
  • You can write content about how to recognize your challenges and discover what you might really need to produce a better result. What does your dream client need to do right now? What would you recommend? Or what would you do if you were in their situation now and why would that be your choice?
  • You can write about how to think about all of the choices they might make to get a new or different result. You can write about how to weigh those decisions and all the factors they might consider. What choices could your dream clients consider? Why are some options better than other?
  • You can write stories. All kinds of stories work. Personal stories are always engaging and interesting. Stories about your experiences helping people are always useful and interesting, too.

If you think you have nothing, think of your target audience and use these prompts:

  • 10 Things Every __________ Should Do Now
  • 5 Mistake ________ Make When ______ And How to Avoid Them
  • 6 Ways to Improve Your _________
  • The 3 Fastest Ways to __________

Here’s my favorite way to come up with ideas: write down everything that grabs your attention. If you hear something interesting, write it down. If you have a good experience, write it down. If you have a bad experience, write.

Every day you have experiences worth capturing. They are entertaining, educational, or inspirational–and sometimes all three. They’re all valuable, and they are all worth capturing.

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