Do You Know How You Won?

How did you win your last deal? Why did you win that deal?

Was it because you had the lowest price? If that is your company’s strategy that is a good and proper reason. But it isn’t likely that this is how you won (even if you believe that price is what causes you to lose).

Was it that your solution was so much better than any of your competitor’s that you were the obvious choice. Let’s assume it was. Let’s presume that your solution was the greatest value. How did you create that differentiation? What made it worth paying more to obtain?

Was this prospect a dream client? Did you pursue them because you knew you had the ability to produce that value?

What did you do to help your dream client work their way through their buying process? How did you create value in helping them to understand their needs? Is what you did there different than what you believe your competitors did? What did you do to help your client with their needs?

What did you do during the presentation and proposal stage that drove up the value of your solution? What did you do in all of the later stages that drew a line between you and your competitors? Did you win in the boardroom or was it something you did earlier?

How much of your win was due to the relationship you created? How much trust do you believe you generated and what impact did that have on your winning the opportunity? How did you create that trust? What did you do that helped to you build consensus, to gain the support of their team?

How much of the decision to choose you and your solution did you control? What did you do to make that happen? Why did your client want to work with you? Specifically?

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