You Can Change Directions Now

You can’t change your results overnight. If you’ve gone in one direction for a long time, you’ve covered a lot of ground. You’ve developed a certain set of beliefs and behaviors over that time, and you’ve generated some results, even if they’re now not the results that you really want.

If you’ve haven’t been doing the work you really need to do, you can’t catch that work up in a single day. You might not be able to catch it up in a month. But you can change direction and begin doing that work, right now, today, this minute.

If you haven’t invested your time and energy in the relationships that matter most in your life, you can’t get back the time, and you might even have a little repair work to do. But you can change directions in an instant. You can pick up the phone or drive across town or book a plane ticket. You can say, “I’m sorry,” and change the direction of a relationship (or a life).

Maybe you haven’t accumulated the wealth you wanted to. You can’t go back in time to earn more money, spend less money, or invest differently. But you can change directions now to earn more, save more, or invest differently for your future.

The first step to turning things around is to very literally turn around. You have to change directions. If the path you are travelling on isn’t going to get you to your destination, then you need a new path. If the path you are on right now is taking you further away from where you want to go–and who you want to be–then you have to turn around and go the other direction.

You can’t instantly change your results. But you can instantly change your direction. It only requires that you make the decision and take the first step.

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