The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Don’t Hold Back

I remember the decision I made to change my life and hold myself to a higher standard than anyone expected of me. It happened in an instant, and the backlash was almost as fast. Some friends, and a few family members, were immediately critical, attacking me for the changes I had made. Some said, “Oh, look, you’re holier than thou.” Others said it more directly, leveling accusations like, “You think you’re better than us,” or “You think you’re better than everyone.”

The truth of the matter was, the standard I set wasn’t for them. No decision I made was about anyone else, nor did I ever compare myself to them. I was just no longer willing to go on living the way I had been living. I decided to hustle instead.

You cannot pull your punches, restrain yourself, or hold yourself back because what you do is going to bother other people, even the people you love. You must hustle.

It’s Not About You

Some people are going to be threatened by your success.

When you hold yourself to a higher standard, some people are going to criticize and attack you because your higher standard and the accompanying success make them feel bad about themselves. The fact that you have raised your internal bar will remind them that they haven’t raised their own.

Other people are going to attack your decision to hustle because they are fearful. They fear that you are going to move on and leave them behind. They fear that they are going to lose your love or your friendship. They’ll pretend to be happy for you when they can, but when the fear shows up they’ll attack you.

Give It All You’ve Got

It is true that as a hustler you are going to outgrow some people who haven’t raised their internal standards. This doesn’t mean that you ever ignore them, that their relationships aren’t important, or that you ever treat them poorly. In fact, you treat them better than you have ever treated them. What you don’t do is allow their low standards to keep you from raising your own. You don’t let their vision of themselves become your vision of yourself.

When the people who attack you are the people who love you and fear losing you, you remind them that you will always be there for them, and that you aren’t leaving them behind. You do this by making time for them. But you don’t ever stop hustling. You’ll never become the best and brightest version of yourself if you allow other’s fears to prevent you from acting. And you’ll never be able to care for the people who count on you if decide to be a non-hustler.

Others are going to judge you for your decision to hustle, to succeed at the highest level of which you are capable. Don’t ever let those judgements prevent you from hustling. You owe it yourself. And you owe it to the world to make your mark.

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