Everything, Anything, Nothing, or Something

Some people want to do everything. They want to chase every opportunity, no matter how little the return on their investment of time and energy. They want to pursue every initiative. They believe that they can do it all, but because they lack focus, they never really get anything done, and certainly not the results they would be capable of with focus.

Some people want to do anything. There is nothing they won’t try. They see some new, bright, shiny object and they have to try it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the right idea for them or not, and it doesn’t matter that they aren’t really prepared to make it work. Because they’re not strategic in their choices, they don’t produce the right results.

Some people want to do nothing. There is no idea that is worth pursuing. They want to do as little as possible, and they want to change as little as possible. They can succeed at doing nothing far longer than you might imagine, but eventually they run out of time. Nothing works if you don’t.

You can’t do everything. You can’t do just anything. And doing nothing isn’t an option. But you can do something: the right thing. You need to make a good choice about what that something is going to be. You need to narrow your focus and work like the devil to make that something work. And you have to take consistent, deliberate action.

If you’re guilty of doing everything, you must narrow your focus and choose. If you are guilty of doing anything, you need to slow down and take a thoughtful approach. If you are doing nothing, you need to get moving fast.

Do something. But make it the right thing.

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