Is Just the Same As

  • Knowing what you need to do and not doing it is the same as not knowing.
  • Having a dream and not taking action on that dream is the same as not having a dream.
  • Having a goal and not doing the work that moves you towards that goal is the same as not having a goal.
  • Knowing people without making investments in those relationships is the same as not having relationships.
  • Knowing that you need to develop yourself personally and professionally and not taking classes, doing homework, and studying independently is the same as not knowing that you need to develop¬†yourself personally and professionally.
  • Possessing the ability to create value for others and not creating that value is the same as not possessing the ability to create value.
  • Knowing how to read and not reading is the same as not knowing how to read.
  • Wanting to make a difference but being unwilling to make waves is the same as not wanting to make a difference.

It’s not enough to possess knowledge. It’s not enough to have a bigger vision. Without action, it’s the same as . . .

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